Best of the Web

Best of the Web


Religion and Politics: Fit for Polite Company:  A web magazine from Washington University in St. Louis, which features readable articles from scholars and journalists who meld religion and politics and explore how these subjects in tandem pervade life.   Intentionally non-partisan, non-sectarian.


Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the HeadlinesNews, commentary, audio interviews and speeches by leading journalists including Chris Hedges.  Truthdig is a progressive news and commentary site dedicated to “reporting on current issues that are insufficiently covered by mainstream media. The website’s mission is to dig beneath the headlines, provide expert reporting and commentary and offer an outlet for original work by exceptional journalists.” Truthdig is obsessed with high quality reporting.  It checks all of its articles for accuracy.


Religious Education

Education and Ministries:  A massive, but ageing site of links to dozens of web resources of interest to teachers of adults in church context.  These are  grouped into the categories.  


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